HAPPYGRAM from Ashburn out of state sellers

March 29th, 2017

We love what we do and, more importantly, we love the people we do it for!

Ask Gina & Company received the feedback below from one of our recent repeat clients in Ashburn. We had rented their townhome in Goose Creek for them on more than one occasion when the market wasn’t as strong for selling, and then when the time was right, we let them know and got it SOLD for them. SO happy to have built another fabulous relationship with our clients who have quickly become a permanent part of our AGC family.

But it’s best if I let Karen & Mike, formerly of Ashburn VA, tell the story:

“WE can say with great conviction that Gina is a TOTAL CLASS ACT!! Our dear friends referred us to Gina and we feel we are indebted to those friends for life! Three years ago we left VA and began our retirement travels leaving our home in the more than capable hands of Gina and her staff! We had tenants in our home for the first two and a half years and just recently sold our home. If you’re looking for someone who’s on top of EVERYTHING, AT ALL TIMES then Gina is your woman!

Gina is attentive, willing to address and much more than capable of addressing any and all questions or concerns you may have almost 24/7!! Like when our main smoke detector tripped all of our smoke detectors. All of them were screeching throughout the neighborhood at daybreak so a neighbor called 911. ALL the the first responders in Ashburn quickly arrived. One of them had the presence of mind to contact our realtors as their sign was our front lawn. Kim took the call and not only gave them the access code to enter our home so that they could get in without axing our front door down, she also drove over to meet them at our house just to ensure the legitimacy of this and to ensure everything else was in tact! THEN she and Gina quickly enlisted one of their select repair companies to take care of the/our smoke detector issue. Imagine that!! Being out of state meant we couldn’t just go to our home and check on things at anytime.

Gina ALWAYS went out of her way to communicate with us and bring us there through any and all means possible; photos, videos, phone calls. The ONLY time there were voicemails were when they couldn’t reach us! I don’t recall leaving them voicemails as they were ALWAYS available to us, regardless of need. Yes, even after normal work hours; like I said I think Gina works 24/7! Despite our being states away we never felt the distance, not once! Gina and her staff are honest, fair, hardworking, and committed to giving their clients their very best at all times! Our home never sat empty between tenants as Gina worked hard and masterfully to ensure and secure tenants for us. When it came time to put it on the market Gina secured the best photographers & videographers to showcase our beautiful home resulting in our first offer (of several) being signed and delivered less than 18 hours after our home hit the market! WOW! Gina tirelessly worked the negotiations throughout the Super Bowl and late into that evening and by the next morning, Monday, we were under contract!!! Ahhhhhmazing!

Gina and her staff took care of so many little and big details, going above and beyond the scope of being our Realtors. Kim is Gina’s “right hand” and an excellent one she is! BOTH of these women were on the pulse of EVERY aspect of being our Realtors and I assure you, in choosing them you are possibly making one of the greatest decisions of your life! You will NOT be disappointed AT ALL! Trust me, they are more than worthy of their commissions!!! AND in the end you too may find you’ve made some marvelous lifelong friends in them! THANK YOU Gina & Kim…for every little and every BIG thing!!

WE remain eternally greatful,
Karen & Mike Rea”

Maitland Terrace Townhome

Under contract in Ashburn – 2 days BEFORE it hit the market!

March 29th, 2017


Pending Sale


$ Click for current price
5 BEDROOMS | 4 (3 full, 1 half ) BATHROOMS

Not working with a real estate agent?

Then call us to get a $2,000 bonus if we show you and you buy this home. *See terms below.

Sit by the cozy fireplace of this 4000-SF home only an easy drive to downtown.

Offers 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, dining room, dramatic living room with built-in bookcases, surround sound, wood floors, master suite with linen closet, whirlpool tub for relaxing nights, separate shower, his-and-her baths, dual sinks, custom storage for large wardrobes, sunny kitchen with work island, breakfast area, walk-in pantry, guest quarters, luxury baths, sun room, TV room, extra kitchen, study, home office, den, wine cellar, home theater for the movie buff, custom blinds, custom drapes, detailed woodwork, sliding glass doors, professional decor, new carpet, chandeliers, skylight, pocket doors, plaster moding, solid wood doors, French doors, security system, new paint, built-in barbeque for backyard burgers, balcony, fenced back yard.

*$2,000 offer only available to purchasers not under contract with a real estate agent. Offer available for the purchase of this home only and valid if shown and bought through the listing agent.


$ Click for current price
3 BEDROOMS | 4 (3 full, 1 half ) BATHROOMS | 2064 SQUARE FEET

Beautiful End Unit Townhome in Ashburn Farm!!!!




New to the Loudoun real estate market * Sterling Stunner

March 29th, 2017


$ Click for current price
5 BEDROOMS | 4 (3 full, 1 half ) BATHROOMS | 4678 SQUARE FEET


Presented By:

Ask Gina & Company

Pearson Smith Realty
Licensed In: Virginia

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Just listed AND SOLD in Ashburn Farm * 2 days on market

March 29th, 2017


Presented By:

Ask Gina & Company

Pearson Smith Realty
Licensed In: Virginia

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Get the latest buzz from Loudoun

February 20th, 2017

Did you know that Loudoun County has a text/email alert system? Whether you have been a long time resident or are considering moving to the area, sign up to be notified about anything and everything – from Loudoun County School closings and delays to traffic snarls on Route 7.

It’s super easy to register. Start at the Loudoun County website here: https://www.loudoun.gov/alert

At Ask Gina & Company we love living and working in Loudoun. If you want to stay on top of the real estate market, sign up here!


I love living in NOVA because….

February 1st, 2017

You have strong feelings about where you live and we want to know what they are! Gina Tufano is writing an article for a local magazine and needs a lil bit of help (OK, a lot!) The areas that are highlighted are in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Specifically if you live in Ashburn, Leesburg, Purcellville, Great Falls, Middleburg, Reston, or Sterling – we want to hear from you.

This isn’t a real estate survey – more of getting the collective vibe of an area. The article will be done in Family Feud style (100 people surveyed, top 5 answers are on the board) and is super cute! If you would take a minute to respond to the survey (and share with your friends/neighbors to do the same) we would totally appreciate it! Who knows – one of your answers could lead to your 15 minutes of fame too! Tho we know y’all are rockstars already! 😉



Loudoun County Short Sale? Me?

January 31st, 2017
How do I avoid foreclosure?

How do I avoid foreclosure?

A short sale, me?

You bought your Loudoun home over a decade ago. It was a time when you were full of dreams and possibilities. The Northern Virginia real estate market was going up, you did your homework, plunked down your savings and bought a piece of the American Dream.

The market took a sharp decline, and you held on. You had a good job, good credit, and knew that it would eventually rebound. You decide to be true to your responsibilities and wait for the recovery. After all, you like where you live and it’s only temporary.

Over the years things change….life happens. Maybe you get a new job in another location or you get married and have a few children – perhaps you become an empty nester or go through a divorce. You might have decided to rent the property and move to something that works better for you – closer to work, more space, or less maintenance. But the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage, and each month you fall just a little bit further behind. The HVAC goes out, you need a new roof, the car is on it’s last legs, daycare costs a fortune or medical bills add up….it gets harder and harder to hold on.

You check the real estate values and see that they have recovered somewhat. Whew. Then you look at your loan balance when your rate comes up for adjustment and realize you are still upside down, and sinking.

How could this happen to you? The responsible one, never missed a payment in your life. Except for that one bounced check in college your financial history is flawless, and now here you are, googling short sales and how to no have your house be foreclosed upon.

It’s like a new world with a new language. HAFA, REO, deficiency judgement, BPO, investor, hardship letter, and who the heck are Fannie and Freddie anyway?

You are not alone. The last 2 years at Ask Gina & Company we have seen more people with 750+ credit scores and impeccable payment histories with good jobs turn to the short sale process to avoid foreclosure of their Virginia home. They have held on as long as they possibly could and are relieved to know there is a way out.

We discuss their situation, offer up options, and work together towards a solution.

If this scenario sounds familiar and you are ready to get out from under and move on, give us a call today. We have successfully negotiated short sales for 10 years now and have the resources and experience to help. All conversations are held in the strictest of confidence.

703-574-3478 or you can ask that we contact you.

* A personal side note, I was that person. I bounced one check my entire life when I was 18. I never had a late payment until I was in my mid 30’s and had to walk down the short sale path. I had an 800 credit score. I have a good income. I also had a property that was several hundred thousand dollars in the hole, and my family life had changed from dual income, 2 kids to single mom, 3 kids. A short sale was the way to avoid foreclosure and begin a new chapter in my life. It wasn’t an easy decision, however it was best to face the challenge head on and do what was needed to provide for my family. Believe me when I say I can relate. xo

Santa visits Loudoun and this is what he says….

December 22nd, 2016

Vote AGC Best of Loudoun

“Naughty or Nice, vote GINA for Loudoun’s Best Realtor, because she has SPICE!” – large man in a red suit

Ask Gina & Company, a Northern Virginia Real Estate Team, is super excited to have been nominated for The Loudoun Times Mirror “Best of Loudoun” in the residential Realtor category for 2017! We are listed among some amazing Virginia real estate agents and are over the moon to be considered. We do need YOUR help to win. Please take a moment to vote for us – Santa says so! 🎅😉✔

1) Click: http://northernvatimes.secondstreetapp.com/l/best-of-loudoun-2017/Ballot/RealEstateConstructionHomeImprovement

2) Scroll down to “Residential Realtor”

3) Scroll and click “VOTE” next to “Gina Tufano, Ask Gina & Company, Pearson Smith”

Wait! Who is AGC? And why should I vote?

Gina Tufano has been a Loudoun County real estate agent since 1996. She runs a team of dedicated agents who blend life and livelihood, friends and family, work and play….who believe that it’s our duty, our responsibility, and our privilege to bring our best when helping people navigate the waters of one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives. Together we bring decades of experience, a wicked sense of humor, strong moral compass, top notch negotiation tactics, a track record of success, a support team of proven professionals behind us, and, most importantly, we bring our whole selves – heart, passion, sass, and skill. If that sounds like something y’all can rally behind, we’d love your vote.


How important is pricing your Loudoun real estate when it is time to sell?

December 12th, 2016

Short answer: VERY!

At AGC we knew the impact – although we were still surprised – even after 20+ years in real estate – by the results of this recent National Association of Realtors survey. Turns out that even if you price your home AT MARKET VALUE when you decide to sell it (not a little above “for negotiation purposes”) only 60% of potential buyers will even SEE IT! That is pretty powerful!

An accurate price is one of the BIGGEST things you can do to sell your house. At Ask Gina & Company our agents perform a thorough market analysis to determine your property’s value in our local real estate market. We won’t artificially inflate it to test the waters or win the listing – that isn’t doing our clients any justice. AGC prefers to provide value from our experience and knowledge of the current Virginia market conditions to come up with what we think will generate the best possible net price for YOU in the end. History shows that a property fetches the most money when it is staged well, priced correctly and doesn’t languish on the market. With just a bit more than half of the Virginia homebuyers even LOOKING at a properly priced home, it would only hurt the bottom line more by trying for a higher number.

If you are thinking of selling your Loudoun home – relocating from Ashburn to Leesburg or across the country from Virginia to California – call or text Ask Gina & Company first, for a FREE, no obligation consult, to help you make the most out of what is likely your biggest financial investment of all time – your house. 703-574-3478


AGC has been ELFED! Loudoun’s real estate listings have a festive visitor!

December 1st, 2016

Loudoun County are you ready? The holidays are upon us. Tis the Season!

Ask Gina & Company loves living and working in Loudoun County – and while we work hard, we also play hard. Join us in our fun and games this December as we discover the Elf on a Shelf hiding in our listings. There’s a sweet prize for the one with the most finds. A gift package valued at $250 – including a certificate to Loudoun’s own Evergreen Sportsplex!

Details in our facebook post below.

Happy House and Elf Hunting!

– Gina, Jen, Maegan, Kim & Shelly – the AGC elves! #AGCelves