AGC has been ELFED! Loudoun’s real estate listings have a festive visitor!

December 1st, 2016

Loudoun County are you ready? The holidays are upon us. Tis the Season!

Ask Gina & Company loves living and working in Loudoun County – and while we work hard, we also play hard. Join us in our fun and games this December as we discover the Elf on a Shelf hiding in our listings. There’s a sweet prize for the one with the most finds. A gift package valued at $250 – including a certificate to Loudoun’s own Evergreen Sportsplex!

Details in our facebook post below.

Happy House and Elf Hunting!

– Gina, Jen, Maegan, Kim & Shelly – the AGC elves! #AGCelves

Love wine and golf? This home in Lowes Island is for you!

November 7th, 2016

Townhouse in STERLING, VA

IDX Search

Residential Rental
Main Features
3 Bedrooms
3 Full Bathrooms
2 Half Bathrooms
Interior: 3,217 sqft
Year Built: 2012
MLS #: LO9773768

Gina M. Tufano

Gina M. Tufano

Keller Williams Realty Loudoun Gateway
(703) 574-3478
[email protected]


Listed by: Keller Williams Realty

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The real DEBATE – sell before or after the holidays?

October 11th, 2016
Sell in spring! Sell during the holidays!

Sell in spring! Sell during the holidays!

One of the most common questions I am asked as an agent is “When is the best time to sell my house?”

The real answer is to sell your property when you need or want to.  Every market has it’s pros and cons. Every house will sell in any market when priced right for condition and location – with our without a wreath on the door. Statistically speaking….the last two months of the year in Loudoun have more cash buyers than the first two – interesting.  I would suspect this has something to do with annual financial reviews – for instance getting investments in during the tax year. November and December are months when the “DAYS ON MARKET” tend to be less – people who move during this time frame are more likely to be relocation or strategic purchases – serious buyers. January and February we see a much lower supply in properties on the market – homes that were taken off during the holiday season haven’t popped back on yet and the spring market is just starting to percolate – this translates into less competition for a seller.  The start of the year we also see more properties being placed under contract – the spring buyers come out before the houses are ready and begin their transaction now with settlement scheduled a month or two later.

What does this mean for the average Ashburn buyer or seller?  The right time to buy, sell, or invest in

real estate is when it is right for you. A professional real estate agent will be able to provide you with insight as to what your community statistics are and guide you to update, price and promote your biggest asset to get you your largest return – whether you have been naughty or nice 😉

We’d be happy to meet with you to strategize what is best for you and your future. Please feel free to call us or fill out our online request for a free, no obligation consult to begin the process.


Happy Holidays!




What’s a title company? homebuying 101

July 14th, 2016

When buying your new Northern Virginia home sweet home – the closing tends to occur at a “title company” or “settlement company”.  For those coming from out of the commonwealth where an attorney or mail away purchase may be more typical – this can be a bit confusing.  Our friends at Vesta Settlements, a Loudoun real estate title company, have this handy dandy info sheet that will help answer all of your questions.

A snippet of what’s on the 411:

“What does a title company actually do? – The title company plays two roles. A title company is an insurance agent, selling title insurance to protect purchasers against claims that can be made against the title (ownership) to the property…..A title company is also your closing or settlement agent….managing the closing process as well as conducting the closing itself.”

There is a ton more useful info in here.

At Ask Gina & Company we strive to provide you with the best when it comes to your biggest life purchase. Did you know that 1 in 5 title searches reveal a problem? If one were to pop up on your new Ashburn home, the right team of professionals could make all the difference. Call or text us today for more information or access to our network of top notch providers. 703-574-3478


home buyer title insurace

The title company can bring you home!


Click here to view property grid.


Loudoun County Market Stats

February 27th, 2016

Can you feel it?  The Northern Virginia real estate market is heating up!  After a lackluster performance in 2015, the new year is starting off with a BANG! Gina Tufano and her team are seeing multiple offers, escalation clauses and shorter time on the market.  What does this mean for you?

As a buyer, get your ducks in a row!  Meet with one of our buyer specialists to learn about the process before falling in love with a Loudoun home online or in an open house.  Make certain that you understand the mortgage process and are holding that golden ticket (a preapproval letter) in your hand prior to writing an offer on your forever home.

As a seller – staging, marketing, and pricing all play a big part in taking advantage of the low inventory.  Make your first impression with a bang! The more exposure your property has, the more potential for profit for you.  As you look around, you’ll notice that while some houses sell right away and for top dollar, others languish on the real estate market without nary a nibble. Don’t be left in the cold, call Gina today for your personalized market analysis and find out what it takes to be on the winning side.

The most recent Loudoun County sales statistics tell the story.  Year over year closed sales are up almost 15%, median sales price is up over 7%, median days on market is down 15%….all of this leads to quicker sales and a more robust real estate market!


Loudoun County Real Estate Market Stats Jan 2016

Loudoun County Real Estate Market Stats Jan 2016


AGC is the leader in Loudoun County Real Estate – voted Best of Loudoun for 2016 and consistently ranking in the top 5% year after year – we can help you spot the trends and navigate the local real estate market. Call Ask Gina & Company today for your personal consultation and find out the best way to get your next home sweet home 703-574-3478 or


Click here to view property grid.

Loudoun Real Estate – kudos are nice, clients are nicer.

February 22nd, 2016



We’ve had lots of exciting awards and accolades at AGC recently.  We are so full of gratitude for our amazing clients, vendors and raving fans – in Virginia and beyond – we could not do it without y’all!  What’s even more exciting though, and gets lost in the shuffle of congrats are the small wins – the Ashburn home inspection that was successfully negotiated, the Loudoun seller that switched to our team after an agonizing year on the market and finally got a contract, the first time buyer who won the bid in a multiple offer situation, the little boy that ran into his new bedroom like superman, the out of state seller who we helped when they couldn’t be here to orchestrate repairs and staging….this is what we do and the people are why we do it.

Yes, it’s nice to be recognized – it’s even nicer to have the satisfaction of a job well done and a smile on your client’s face.

Thank you for trusting us with your real estate, your home, your investment – it’s one of your biggest financial decisions and it is an honor and privilege to help you. <3





Gina Tufano named TOP RE AGENT 2016 for NOVA

Gina Tufano named TOP RE AGENT 2016 for NOVA

Gina Tufano, REALTOR, won BEST OF LOUDOUN 2016

Gina Tufano, REALTOR, won BEST OF LOUDOUN 2016






#workhard #benice #askgina #kindgang


Loudoun Habitat for Humanity * Gift Card Drive * Can you help?

February 19th, 2016
Loudoun Habitat GC house

How cool would this be if we made it out of donated gift cards?

Calling all friends, clients, and colleagues! We need your help!

Ask Gina & Company, a Northern Virginia Real Estate Team is collecting gift cards for the 5th Annual Masquerade Ball for Loudoun Habitat for Humanity! We’re going to build a “house of cards” for donation!

Support the Northern Virginia community, the event, and the charity….please mail in or drop off your gift cards (you know, the ones sitting in your wallet that you never use, all denominations excepted) at the office (Keller Williams Loudoun Gateway, 20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, #110, Ashburn, VA 20147 – attention Gina Tufano) – we wanna build a HUGE house that will eventually become a home for someone in need of a hand up, not a hand out, in Loudoun County.

Who knows, if big enough, maybe Leigh Newport will help us stage it 😉


Searching for a home of your own in Loudoun County? Ask Gina & Company has the latest real estate listings available in Northern Virginia. Whether buying, selling or investing in real estate – we can help!  Call or text us today 703-574-3478

Click here to view property grid.

About Loudoun Habitat:

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity was incorporated on April 2, 1993 for the specific purpose of providing adequate housing for all Loudoun citizens in need. It is the conviction of Loudoun Habitat for Humanity that everyone deserves an opportunity to work to obtain adequate shelter. Our ministry is based on Christian principles and we welcome the participation of people of all faiths as we grow the organization and strive to fund and build homes for those in need. For more information, or to donate or volunteer, visit

Putting down roots….in Loudoun County and beyond….

January 29th, 2016


This week’s blog post was written by my dear friend and colleague, Gale Paige.  Gale is an amazing woman, whom I met through various networking functions in Loudoun County.  She brings energy and passion in all that she does – professionally and personally.  We are honored to have a few of her words here…..


“I already have my wings. I want to start putting down my roots.” D. L. J.


Gale Paige, guest Loudoun blogger for Ask Gina & Company talks about home...

Gale Paige, guest Loudoun blogger for Ask Gina & Company talks about home…

As a person who always wanted to travel, see the world and have many adventures this particular statement made me stop and think.

Debbie is a new friend that told a quick bit about her past. She was placed in an orphanage and grew up never having a home. Her mum died when she was very young and her dad could not take care of himself and the children so they were placed in an orphanage.

Debbie got married at a young age to a military man and traveled a great deal. She saw a good portion of the world. She also realized her husband was not nice and she needed to get out of that relationship. She did. A few years later she met a wonderful man whom she later married (they are still married). It was then that she knew she needed to settle in one place and build her roots.

Her first step in planting her seeds was buying a home. You see she had never owned a home before. That was her dream. “I wanted to have a place of my very own. I wanted to give my girls a physical space that was theirs. I want to start putting down my roots. I wanted things with my name on them.”

I had always thought of a house as the place I lived, slept, did laundry, cooked etc…I did not hold the appreciation for my house until my talk with Debbie. I understood the tax benefits of home ownership, I just did not see my home as the blessing that Debbie did.

I grew up with my parents and grandparents living in the same town. My grandmother, who is 93, has lived at the same address for almost 50 years. There is a solid foundation there. I have always known I was welcomed, loved and wanted. I have never doubted that. I have, and had, my roots securely tied. I have wanted to constantly cut the strings that bound me to any one place.

Last year I sold my home and almost everything in it. I was ready to fly. My children are raised and have moved into their own places. I travel for my work and I love it. My wings are finally open and I can fly. I now realize that is because of the solid roots my family has given to me.

Are you ready to put down your roots? Maybe home ownership is the first step for you as well.

**My next home will be a small cottage on a lake with land about thirty minutes away from a city with an airport. I still have not decided which city, state or Country but I know it will happen within five years.

This blog post was written by Gale Paige. You can contact Gale by visiting her website at or by emailing her at

Gale Paige, President of Complete Professional Connections. Gale is referred to as the “Queen of Networking”. She has a unique ability to connect individuals and see a bigger picture. Gale is a business consultant for corporations and individuals. She has helped countless clients develop strategic marketing plans, create targeted business initiatives and write networking plans to help them achieve their professional business goals. Gale has worked in many industries and truly becomes an expert in your field. She is a sought after speaker on the subject of networking and building relationships. Some of her speaking engagements have included The Virginia Women’s Business Conference, Business Women of Loudoun, Empowering Women’s Conference at Radford University, American University, Johns Hopkins University and the National Veteran’s Small Business Conference.

NOVA residents ask: Plow, Plow, Where for art thou Plow…. Jonas lingers

January 25th, 2016
Plowless in Cascades

Find out when the plow is coming to your townhome community


First and foremost – kudos to all of the first responders, plow operators, medical professionals and others that worked tirelessly through this epic blizzard.  YOU are the heroes of this storm. THANK YOU!  As we wait patiently, with cups of cocoa and coffee at the ready to share with you, we can follow your progress from our phones! If you’ve been wondering when your Northern Virginia neighborhood will be plowed –  VDOT has the answer – check out their new website that allows the snowbound in NOVA to wonder no more….track each truck as it winds through the streets of Loudoun here

Should you have any questions about Virginia real estate, frozen or otherwise,  give Loudoun’s Best real estate team, AGC, a call at 703-574-3478 – stay safe!

Ashburn, Sterling, Leesburg – listed as top small cities to live in!

November 5th, 2015

So there’s always a list for everything…..we found this one ranking over 1200 small cities in the US and we delighted to find several Loudoun locations near the top!

Ashburn comes in at #13, with Sterling at #17 and our county seat of Leesburg listed as #44…..

Mclean, Fredericksburg, Winchester, Manassas, Springfield, Centreville, Reston and Annandale are also listed among the best.

Here is the full list.

No surprise to us at Ask Gina & Company though, we love to live and work in the Northern Virginia area and consider it an honor to help our friends, clients and neighbors buy and sell real estate here – turning houses into homes every day. Call AGC today to live in one of our Top Small Cities: 703-574-3478

Source: WalletHub